This man’s feminist rules for dating his daughters has set the Internet on fire

Writer J. Warren Welch , who is raising five daughters, posted a set of his own rules on Facebook and Instagram that have since been shared over 17, times. They are a welcome departure from the shotgun-slinging threats shrouded in toxic masculinity that are typical of these kinds of fatherly lists. Surprisingly not infuriating. But the kind of posturing by fathers of daughters I was specifically responding to had nothing to do with that ‘protective instinct’ and everything to do with asserting their dominance over women and reinforcing a belief that women need men to take care of them. Like Welch said, there is nothing inherently wrong with parents being protective of their children. Young daughters are hypersexualized while adult daughters are infantilized.

Woke Daddy: How to be a true feminist father

By Chloe Castleberry For Dailymail. A group of fathers turned traditional parenting on its head recently in order to learn a vital lesson about feminism from their young daughters. The couple – who have a year-old daughter – invited 22 fathers and their young daughters into their studio, where they were asked to discuss the concept of feminism, before posing for a portrait together.

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Even for those of us who didn’t grow up with dads who threatened to take a shotgun to any boy who messed with us, we get it—watching your daughter enter the dating scene is harder than hard. There’s some sort of Freudian theory behind it all, but easier to understand is this viral this “Feminist Father” polo shirt. Kristine Speare, 20, who according to her Twitter bio is a “feminist, coffee addict, book lover” gave her dad, Chuck, the shirt, and posted it to Tumblr with the note, “that’s my dad!

The reaction’s been largely positive— Feministing simply captioned it “Nothing to add” while Buzzfeed noted, “This is wonderful”—but not everyone approves. Conservative-leaning PJ Media expressed dismay that a dad would let his daughter make her own dating rules, and suggested that it’s a signal “to every male predator out there that his daughter is available for victimization.

We, however, are all for Chuck’s statement-making polo. It gives women exactly what we need at any age—the confidence to declare that we are in charge of our decisions and our bodies. No dad, date, husband, or whoever else gets to take that away. Help save lives. Type keyword s to search. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

Feminist Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Smash the Patriarchy

Negotiations can take a while, involving a lot of bartering and back and forth between the family representatives, so just hang tight there, sweetie. So hive mind, what do you think? Should dad get veto rights, or nay?

There has always been a certain stereotype attached to dads. If you want to date their daughters, you’re going to have to go through pretty.

I looked at her lying in her cradle, I believed that she could do anything. I had faith in her and that was enough. I needed faith in my own position as her father too, and pledged to her and myself that as long as I was beside her, supporting her, nothing could stand in her way. He took a stand to change the world for his daughter. I did not clip her wings. The first experience with patriarchy children have is usually at home with their fathers or father figures.

And with that comes an important responsibility — in order to instigate social change, attitudes to gender culture need to be tackled early on by the men in our lives. Does he toss a ball with his son and tell his daughter she’s pretty? These are the earliest seeds sown in the minds of our children that shape their view of gender roles and power nuances. The arrival of a child is a unique chance to deconstruct some of the harmful social norms and today, more than ever, men are embracing fatherhood in a way that supports this.

So what exactly does it mean to be a feminist dad? Nigel Barker, an award-winning photographer and proud feminist father says it is about resisting the assumptions many men have grown up with. Girls are actively being held back, minimised and even demonised for their actions simply because of their sex.

Dad’s ‘Feminist Father’ Shirt Goes Viral

Please refresh the page and retry. I enjoyed talking current affairs so I got an early interest in politics. Sometimes these issues are so normalised that men might not see them until their eyes are opened by the impact on those they love.

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Often these take the shape of comics posted to Facebook. They might mention the dad having a black belt or a weapon. The shirt is available here. Is it all that shocking that a parent would make rules for their minor children concerning sex and other significant life choices? Should a parent not forbid their child from doing drugs too? The age and maturity of the daughter is important here, obviously. One of my daughters is an emotional, boy crazy kid. Another daughter is thoughtful, principled and cautious.

She gets more room to room to live her life.

Why every girl needs a feminist dad

Rules of a Feminist Father. The supportive father of a 20 year-old girl from Cherry Hill, NJ was photographed wearing a t-shirt displaying the rules for dating his daughter, and the pic has gone totally viral. Her body, her rules.

Apart from women or akin to the gynecologist for dating my daughter, at least i won’t hold her. Proud feminist father cute t shirt, tumblr user kristine claire shared​.

The notion of recognizing a specific person on a specific day can feel off-putting at best — and heteronormative and exclusionary at worst. Oh, and it perpetuates hetero relationships and capitalist culture, too. So, what are we celebrating again? Oh, right, dads we love! Because we do love a lot of them; just look at these celeb dads who are raising kids and teaching them to smash the aforementioned patriarchy.

The dad who understands that feminism asks for nothing more or less than equal fundamental rights for all genders. The dad who is intentional about raising kids in ways that empower all people and that challenge tired stereotypes. So if you know a feminist father, read on. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

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This proud ‘feminist father’ has gone viral after he posed in a T-shirt explaining his own version of ‘rules for dating my daughter’. It’s an old joke.

Subscriber Account active since. There’s a weird stereotype when daughters start dating of the dad waiting by the door with a shotgun, joking about how he’ll somehow maim her date if they usually he do anything that the dad deems disrespectful. This stereotype has morphed itself in the internet age to memes about the “rules” for dating my daughter. But one dad took a more empowering and feminist approach to this, and his post is going viral. You will respect them, and if you don’t, I promise they won’t need my help putting you back in your place.

He expressed his gratitude for his daughters, saying that he knows full well they don’t need him speaking for them in relationships because they’re so brilliant. These girls are my heroes! The post about his brilliant daughters seemed to strike a chord with many parents and daughters themselves.

Rules For Dating My Daughter Feminist Father T shirt Back

Meet Jeff Warren Welch. He is a poet and a writer with over 18, followers on Instagram. Wondering what’s so special about him? Well, he is a feminist father, who is teaching the world how to treat women right. You heard us!

The New Yorker’s new short film depicts Jon Hamm as an father with newfound feminism, encouraging his daughter to cultivate her own emotional growth. train his daughter to navigate the ever-daunting dating world and cultivate her How Some Universities are Bypassing Trump’s New Title IX Rules.

Many fathers have lots of rules when it comes to their daughters and dating. But Kristen Speare’s father has just four simples rules for dating his daughter—and they’re actually pretty awesome. Proclaiming himself a “feminist father,” Chuck Speares found a creative way to show his support for his year-old daughter this Father’s Day—with this awesome T-shirt!

Kristen posted a picture of her dad’s shirt on her Tumblr account, where it got over , notes, and if you want to snag a similar tee for your dad, you can purchase one here. Kristen, who also identifies as a feminist, spoke with Global Grind about her father, a restaurant owner in New Jersey, and his now famous shirt. So, Are You A Feminist? Help save lives. Type keyword s to search. Today’s Top Stories.

Rules for Dating My Daughter